Beating your self-limitations

Regardless of if you agree with Elon Musk and his business developments, if he has taught humanity one thing, it's to never be self-limiting. This holds true in Nick and I's lives as well, where we are constantly battling against the walls of possibility. I'm not one to preach, but this subject is something dear to the heart, and I must convey my trust in everyone to push yourself and tackle your ambitions until there is a black or white outcome! Literally anything can be learned with enough patience and common sense. If you read books/the internet and ask questions (to the right people) you will be able to obtain any level of intellect in any subject. If it can be accepted as a testament, rather than boasting, I have to admit that I self taught myself nearly every skill I have in life, the most important being a belief in my passion and entrepreneurship. While I still have many mental and financial barriers, I know that preserverence and personal drive are the keys to overcoming them. Every single successful human being, and I mean literally everyone, has at some point thought to themselves "I have no idea what the hell I'm doing", but what they did know was that taking the first step would lead somewhere great if they just kept pushing to an outcome and adapting. You are capable of ANYTHING, so never let yourself get in the way.